Web Scraping Possibilities

  • Monitor price information of parts/products/SKU's from competitor's catalog to stay competitive.

    Increase sales by having your own "intel" on competitor pricing for setting bids in shopping comparison sites, PPC campaigns and media ads, to increase your ROI.

  • Convert your website catalog listings to XML data feed to submit to search engines and other portals.

  • Scrape Sex Offender/Criminal data information for background check / people search / visitor identification service.

  • Collect practitioner data from multiple hospital/speciality treatment sites to create a searchable database.

  • Scrape movies/books information data & images for use in online e-commerce store/library.

  • Track organic & sponsored ranking by keywords on search engine results.

  • Scrape Unclaimed money data for a commercial asset locator website.

  • Collect job listings to identify growth industries.

    Analysis of job listings data posted on job portal sites provides consultants and economists valuable intelligence on micro & macro fundamentals of a country´s economy and help identify growth sectors.

  • Scrape vehicle listings to populate information into newspapers and websites.

  • Monitor government sites for tenders, bids and RFP's to feed to subscribers.

  • Scrape property listings to provide real estate intelligence.

  • Monitor corporate/govt/stock exchange sites for downloading quarterly and annual reports & results.

  • Scraping details, price & availability info of holiday / vacation rental villas to offer search & reservation system.

  • Monitor industry specific retail chain store locations for industry analysis.

  • Create focussed B2B lists by scraping niche directories.

    Target and reach out to new clients & markets outside of the current core business supply - quickly, efficiently and at reduced cost compared to old marketing techniques.

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