Web Harvesting

Web harvesting allows web-based search and retrieval applications, commonly referred to as search engines, to index content that is pertinent to the audience for which the harvest is intended. Such data can thereafter be integrated and put into use as per specific requirement. General purpose search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! index all possible links they encounter from the origin of their crawl. In contrast, customized web harvesting solutions, developed by ITYSYS Solutions specializes in searching, retrieving, aggregating and storing the data from the website.

Our customized website harvesting programs begin by identifying and specifying as input, a list of URLs that define the data that is to be harvested. The web harvesting application then downloads the list of URLs and the corresponding HTML text.

The harvested HTML is text is thereafter parsed by the developed application to identify and store the needed information in a data format of your choice. Embedded hyperlinks that are encountered can be either followed or ignored, depending on requirement (Deep Web Data extraction).

We at ITSYS Solutions specialize in developing anonymous and non-intrusive web scraping tools that are able to scrape dynamically generated data from the private web as well as scripted content. To find out more about our web scraping solutions, and how your business can benefit through our service, contact our experts.

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