Why us for your scraping project?

Our experience tells that costumers who rely on the gathering of data from the Internet for their businesses are interested in results. Securing these results can be time-consuming and very costly even with an in-house IT department, that must be continuously purchasing specialized software and upgrading the skills of their programmers to adapt them to ever changing technical skills needed to write web scraping applications.

We specialize in extracting / scraping data from Deep Web by developing anonymous and non-intrusive hosted / customized data scraping solutions. In other words, we will take care of all of your data extraction / website scraping needs and will provide you with raw and accurate data in the least amount of effort on your part, therby allowing you to focus on your core business.

Benefits and advantages of our web scraping services

  • No Costly Errors. Eliminate costly errors by reducing the need for human interaction in the data scraping process, no matter how complex or large.

  • Automated Data Collection. With an automated data collection application we are able to eliminate data entry costs.

  • Customized Data Analysis Reports. Our team of dedicated programmers can create specific data analysis reports, including historical analysis.

  • Web scraping saves you time. Because you don't have to spend more time manually collecting web information, you can focus your time on core business activities.

  • Innovative Techniques. New features and innovative extraction techniques developed in-house are made available immediately.

  • Monitor your competitor's activities. With our web scraping methods, you will be able to acquire information from your competitors' such as their products, prices, and other key information as and when they update their online catalog.

  • No Third party applications. Our web scraping services eliminate the need to purchase any specialized software.

  • Gain competitive edge. The fast turnaround time at which you are provided with vital information by using our web scraping service, will give you an edge your over the competition.


There is no cost to you for us to review the targeted site with the specific data that is needed and present a quote. Quoting an extraction project is based on:

  • The range of the extraction - how many web pages and/or how deep is the specific data availble.
  • The complexity and volatility of the targeted website including speed of the website's server.
  • The frequency of the data requirement.
  • The volume of data extracted along with how many records are displayed per page turn.
  • The type of data to be scraped, i.e. additioal files such as images, pdf documents etc.

Summarizing, we are driven by the needs of our clients and therefore our offerings have been shaped by the industry itself. We welcome comparisons with our competitors and strive to always be the leader. We look forward to serving you and your company and being an integral part of your success.

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