Custom / Hosted Web Scraping Services

Off-the-shelf Web harvesting / Web scraping / Data extraction solutions available in the market today collect content from different web sites without any changes to the software source code. This "one size fits all" approach can deliver results that are incomplete and inaccurate, forcing companies to return to time-consuming manual procedures to get the results they need.

We understand that different web sites are programmed in different languages and built upon different Internet technologies. After carefully evaluating a website, we develop software to fit the specific requirements for the targeted web sites. As a result, we are able provide our customers with the exact data they need for their business development.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Unlike in an off-the-shelf product that needs hours and possibly the services of a skilled programmer to identify the data elements within the website; our software is customized to extract data from the targeted website, there is no additional time you need to spend, thereby enabling you to generate accurate results almost immediately.

Our customized web data extraction / web data scraping solution is capable of gathering information from the "Deep Web". This extracted data can be delivered as XML, CSV, or in a database format such as Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL etc., thereby making the entire integration process seamless.

We at ITSYS Solutions specialize in developing anonymous and non-intrusive web scraping tools that are able to scrape dynamically generated data from the private web as well as scripted content. To find out more about our web scraping solutions, and how your business can benefit through our service, contact our experts.

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